So the journey begins….

So, today I begin an adventure that my wife has encouraged me to do some time.  I am going to enter into a world that I do not know and am going to begin doing something that I have never tried.  I am Blogging!

For those of you who know me, you know that I can be a man at times of many words, many of you might even go so far as to say too many words too often.

Unlike some of the blogs that I have read up to this point, my blog is going to have a cause, a purpose, something that will keep you wanting to keep up with what is being said, and why it’s being said.

This is going to be about training from the viewpoint of someone who has despite their own best efforts, has miraculously managed to work up through the ranks.  Along the way, many observations about the brothers and sisters that I have served with along the way.  Many of the habits, traditions, cultures, jokes, and ideas that have come along the way.

Some of the time, you will find discussion on current events.  Something that has buzzed across the various trade outlets as the hot topic of the day.  Sometimes I will discuss something from the past.  It may be a significant event, a personal experience that warrants reflection, or others.

However, what is posted here will be mine.  My own thoughts, ideas, comments, and opinions.  Based upon my training, experience, and sometimes just my gut telling me the difference between right and wrong and what it may have to do with the topic of the day.

For those of you who will follow my journey through this blog, I hope that you will find it interesting, informative, enlightening, or if nothing else at least entertaining.

Thanks for following me on this journey.  It will be nice to have company as we travel together.



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