Firefighter Pride…

ImageThis past evening, our fire district recognized our latest group of recruit firefighters during a graduation ceremony. When we set the date for the ceremony, we asked all recruits to please R.S.V.P. with the number of guests they would have with them. Both the fire chief and myself were amazed when we learned that our recruits were having as many as 10 guests per recruit to attend the graduation! The event was amazing and it was very refreshing to see the support each of these recruits have from family and friends as they begin their journey in the fire service.

After the ceremony, as I drove home last night I found myself reflecting on the evening and looking back to when I was a new recruit. I can remember being a Public Safety Explorer in Verona Wisconsin and the pride I had helping out with open houses, First Nighters for the Post, and the opportunity to serve in that role. Sometimes I think we all forget the “why” when we decided to become a firefighter in the first place.

After I was home, I scanned through facebook and watched these new recruits put their own perspectives on the night out there for others to read. Over, and over again I saw the words, Pride, Brotherhood, Honor, and many others in their posts. I know they have the fire to be firefighters and are excited about what lies ahead.

If only, we could bottle up their excitement, and pass it out to those who need a little boost now and then. Oh, the fun of being a new firefighter!

Congratulations to the Western Taney County Fire District Recruit Class 12-3. Have a safe journey!