Recently, I had an opportunity to travel to California for a two day trip.  When I left, the weather was cold, windy and typical for Missouri weather this time of year.

Five hours later, I found myself in a completely different world.  Palm Trees, TRAFFIC!, and the Pacific Ocean.  While I was there on business I still had enough time to run down to the shore of the Pacific Ocean and bask in the late afternoon sun and enjoy the sea breeze for an hour or two.

Almost like a dream, I woke up the next morning in a hotel, went outside and was again greeted by spectacular weather with a light breeze, and a full sky of blue with sun!

After a morning meeting, I was in an airport terminal and still enjoying the warm sun through the windows and watching other travelers who were in warm weather clothes including shorts, and flip flops.  It was still hard to believe with all of the cold weather we have seen in Missouri so far this year!

As I boarded the plane for home I looked at the weather to know what to expect and it said 33 degrees and windy!  Didn’t seem possible.

But, as I walked off the plane in Springfield, MO the weather was indeed exactly that!  Welcome back to reality.

5 hours, 1000 miles, and traveling the day before Thanksgiving was not as bad as I had expected.  However, as I woke up this morning, I found myself wondering if it really happened or if it was just a dream?

The photo above is from my phone when I was standing on the beach so I guess it’s true.

I find myself amazed that in the world we live in today, we can travel such great distances with very little effort or fanfare to a completely different world.  As someone who has traveled quite a bit, I guess I knew that already.  But, I was again reminded during this trip that this is truly a global world we live in.  To travel so far, for a 4 hour meeting and then to return home the day before Thanksgiving safely is amazing in itself.  And to have been able to do so with only a quick jog through the terminal in Dallas to make my connection was pretty tolerable.

I might also add that I wasn’t a big fan of Southern California Traffic.  With that said, I am always thankful to live in Southwest Missouri.  Four Lane Highways are enough for me!