About Me

I am a born and raised midwesterner who enjoys writing as a hobby and a chance to collect and share thoughts I have.

This blog is primarily for my personal benefit however I am happy to share my thoughts and ideas and if you are like minded to me, I hope you enjoy these writings as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.

If you do not share my opinions, views, or ideas, that’s fine.  However I will put notice here that I am not interested in your contrary opinion to mine in this blog.  I will not or do not engage people in this format in discussion of opinion or idea that is contrary to mine.  I engage people in these kinds of discussions in other venues other than here.

This place is my solitude and my place to do things my way.  You being here and reading what I have in this blog is your opportunity to know me and my thoughts.  You also have the ability that if you do not share in my opinions and views to no longer read what I have written here.  You are certainly allowed to hold your opinions but I ask that you grant me my right to share mine here.



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