Balance – A New/Old Perspective

Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure Harmony

So today is day 6 of the first family summer vacation is 4 years. We have been in Michigan this week enjoying the beautiful scenery and a break from the Missouri heat.

We have been busy hustling and bustling around seeing the sights and this morning we have decided to just lay low and take it easy. WHAT A CONCEPT!

Over the years I have read articles, watched tv shows, and heard all about the importance of finding a work/rest balance. But, it is something I absolutely suck at and as I get older I am finding more and more reason to be better at it.

The last time we were in Michigan for a week I can remember days like today where I truly had the opportunity to not have places to be, things to do, or obligations to meet. I remember waking up in the morning and not having anything planned and the relaxation I enjoyed that day.

After I changed jobs this January, I now have the chance to work from home. I don’t have the pressures, the long days, and the short nights as before and I am truly getting to spend more time with family.

But as I am typing this entry in my blog this morning, I am realizing that there is more that I still need to do. To slow down, take a breath, and look around and enjoy what I have.

Boyne Mountain Family Pic

I am so very blessed. I have a beautiful wife who loves me for who I am, a son I am so proud of who is growing up faster than I can keep up and despite my best efforts, appears to be following in dad’s footsteps to be a firefighter. What an honor that is. I have wonderful parents and parents-in-law, and a job that affords me luxuries and a satisfaction that I haven’t experienced in a long time.

But with all of the good I am still realizing that I have work to do. I still need to slow down. Not stop…but slow down some more. Look around enjoy what I have and to be thankful.

It’s not easy for me to do but as I have pushed to work hard for so long, I need to look around and enjoy it more than I do. I only get one chance at it.



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